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An Analogue Service to Help Bridge the Digital Divide.

Estella Pyfrom, from Florida has created and sustained a mobile classroom service for use within her local area. She provides access and learning support into digital technology, for any individual on low income… Continue reading

A Digital Inclusion Approach: Raise its Social Profile

We are What We Do has a very unique approach to help tackle the issue of digital exclusion. Within the landscape of all digital inclusion initiatives in the UK, most of these tackle the… Continue reading

Digital Inclusion Approaches: The Bigger Picture.

I recently interviewed John Popham, about his views on the UK digital exclusion landscape as part of my research. Hearing about John’s experiences provided me with valuable insights into the ‘bigger picture’ of… Continue reading

Blueprint for Situation & Experience Learning

Barbara Daley (1999) built upon Dreyfus’ model of skill levels, with a study into the different learning processes used by ‘novices’ and ‘experts’. These are my observations of some of the key ideas… Continue reading

Learning Process Models & Implications for Design

Hubert Dreyfus; author of Mind over Machine, 86’ and What Computers Can’t Do, 92’ is best known for his model of the five different levels of skills acquisition. The key part of this model… Continue reading

Digital Inclusion Initiative: Digital Planet

Digital Planet was a recent exhibition which toured the UK in 2012. It was a digital inclusion initiative which firstly showcased the power of the internet through an outside photography gallery. Secondly, it… Continue reading

Uk Statistics for Internet Use.

(Part of Internet Access Quarterly Update, 2012 Q4 Release)

GOV.UK Digital Service Design Principles

As part of the UK Governments ‘Digital by Default’ strategy for ensuring the delivery of world-class digital public services that meet UK citizens needs, the Government Digital Service (GDS) have created 10 Design… Continue reading

A Braille Interface Concept for the IPhone

Through the enhancement of  pre-existing audio output functions on the IPhone and also the GoogleMap service, this interface creates potential for blind users to have more independence when navigating a city. I think… Continue reading

Citizen Access to Digital Information [Mind the Gap]

AbilityNet have published a new strategy for digital inclusion. Written by Nigel Lewis, the paper makes the following points: 1. “There is an urgent need to address the growing gap between what technology… Continue reading