Hands On Learning [videos]

This activity development occurred through what Tim Brown calls ‘Construction Play’. Through the casual and relaxing manner of building a tool to then interact with others, I  made the connection to start filming the designers participating in my game as a way to  share the interactions.  This method of “story telling” happened very serendipitously, but it has become a key learning takeaway for my project development.

It was also through the prototyping activity of creating quick, tangible project tangibles that my projects theory and concept has developed:

The activity revealed that no-one was able to correctly map out the entire computer keyboard, despite being confident computer users who use them daily. It showed, and this is most obvious when you watch the videos, but actually every participant was able to know more about the keyboard through their hand, than they were through their head.

Just before every participant gave up, they were still able to have a sense of where some of the remaining keys could go, through physically typing across the prototype. However they were not able to match up this type of knowledge to the type of ‘mental’ knowledge that the activity required.